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Here we go again… (yippie!)

Why mess with a good thing, right? Well, Ms. Taylor tot and handsome Mr. Solo are creating more beautiful puppies this spring!

Go ahead and scroll through last years post and you’ll see the little creations they made, I promise, you won’t be disappointed! But just in case you want to see some of them at a year old, well, I’ve got you’ve covered too! Say hello to Kodak and Nilla, these two sweethearts will melt your heart for sure!

So when’s the big date? Well, if all goes according to plan we’re looking at pups arriving the first week of April, which puts you at a take-home date of right before Memorial Day weekend. The waiting list has already started, so don’t delay if you’re interested because when they’re gone, they’re gone. This will be Taylor’s last litter and most likely the last litter for Timeless Labs too.

These pups will be selling for $1,000, male or female with no holds on breeding. Contact me at to get your name on the list or call me at 208-440-5209. Once the pups are born a $200 deposit will be required to hold your puppy. Keep watch on this page for updates in the coming months.


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We're not your average breeder at Timeless Labs, we don't mass produce labradors, we breed for the love of the dog. So what does that mean for you? That means that each litter is thoroughly tested to ensure there are no health issues, and each of my girls are only breed two to three times max.

It all started with Crazi Mandi, and now it's Taylor Tot's turn.

We socialize them, start the training for behavior at 4 weeks and let them have lots and lots of love. We don't let our pups go to just anyone, while you're here visiting a pup to possibly take home, I'm secretly interviewing you to make sure it's a good fit.

We're also located in Meridian, Idaho.

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We're located in Meridian, Idaho.

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