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Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

These pups are now officially 4-weeks old! So much has happened too! They’re now on solid foods, a bit mushy, but they’re working their way up. Mama Taylor is nursing them less and less, which I can’t blame her if you look at those talon-like claws on her pups! Not to mention their teeth have come in! There have been a few more yelps coming from them as they figure out those teeth are great to bite things with including ears and tails!

So in honor of their cute little faces, I went with a Pretty in Pink theme with the help of my lovely photography assistant, Lauryn. Sleepy puppies cuddled in a pink blanket will warm your heart just like it did mine. Pretty in Pink except for the only boy, Donan, we changed it up a bit for him.

So, sit back and prepared to be bombarded with lots of pics this week as I just couldn’t choose a few. I expect to hear the ooh’s and aww’s from over here!


P.S.- New Owners – I tried to get their collar colors in the pics for you to find your pup, but it was a bit of a challenge!

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We're not your average breeder at Timeless Labs, we don't mass produce labradors, we breed for the love of the dog. So what does that mean for you? That means that each litter is thoroughly tested to ensure there are no health issues, and each of my girls are only breed two to three times max.

It all started with Crazi Mandi, and now it's Taylor Tot's turn.

We socialize them, start the training for behavior at 4 weeks and let them have lots and lots of love. We don't let our pups go to just anyone, while you're here visiting a pup to possibly take home, I'm secretly interviewing you to make sure it's a good fit.

We're also located in Meridian, Idaho.

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We're located in Meridian, Idaho.

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