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Week One…so much change!

Week One…so much change!

Just a week ago these little tots were born and already they’ve changed so much.

Here’s their happy mama, Taylor, with her little tots all snuggled up by her side.

As you can see they’re starting to get their black pigmentation.

These little cutie pies will have black noses.

And they love to snuggle!

Sometimes on top of their sister’s head.

You see that little pink pad turning black?

And these black pups? OMG! They are going to have the silkiest black fur ever!

Nothing like putting a paw in their sister’s ear.

Such a big yawn too!

Fast asleep while we have snowmageddon 2017 here in Idaho!

They sure are cute.



What a cute dog pile…

Wait, a little Taylor tot pile!


And this big girl here? She’s milk drunk at the moment and sunning herself under the heat lamps.

Keep watch as next week I’ll post picks of what’s happened and the changes they’ve made in Week 2! And their eyes should be open by then!

Until next week, toodles!

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We're not your average breeder at Timeless Labs, we don't mass produce labradors, we breed for the love of the dog. So what does that mean for you? That means that each litter is thoroughly tested to ensure there are no health issues, and each of my girls are only breed two to three times max.

It all started with Crazi Mandi, and now it's Taylor Tot's turn.

We socialize them, start the training for behavior at 4 weeks and let them have lots and lots of love. We don't let our pups go to just anyone, while you're here visiting a pup to possibly take home, I'm secretly interviewing you to make sure it's a good fit.

We're also located in Meridian, Idaho.

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We're located in Meridian, Idaho.

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